Our Security Environment

At ROOBYX we take your security very seriously. We have in place strict security measures to protect your information and any transactions you complete with us. You and your financial information is safe with ROOBYX because we are not a ‘transactional service’. We cannot transact on your bank account or move money through the ROOBYX service. We’ll leave money movements to you and your bank!

Bank Security and Encryption

We protect all data using 128-bit encryption which is equivalent to a bank. Rest assured we do not store your bank login details on our server. In fact, we can’t because we adhere to industry standards for transmitting sensitive financial information – your information is fully protected.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why can't you or ROOBYX access your money on the system?

We cannot access your money because we are not what is known as a ‘transactional service’. What we can do through our innovative systems and tools is provide you with many ways in which to view and manage your data. This also means that you cannot transact (or move money) when using ROOBYX.


How do I protect my ROOBYX account?

The best way to protect your ROOBYX account is to:

  • Use a password that is complex when you first log in. It should include a combination of numbers, symbols, or uppercase and lowers case letter.
  • Don’t share your password. Remember the old saying ‘loose lips, sink ships’
  • Only access ROOBYX from a computer that has good virus protection installed
  • Don’t install programs from people or companies you don’t know
  • Educate yourself about phishing scams because they can steal your identity

What is a bank feed?

A bank feed is a tool used to extract your bank account information. It allows us to read-only access to your bank statements. ROOBYX use Yodlee to provide this service. They provide this type of service to millions of customers worldwide, through large and small financial institutions.


How do we collect your bank statement?

We do all this online. The application is simple and secure and allows us to connect with your bank statements so we look at your transaction history, then gather the necessary transactions to verify your financial situation. We review the last 90 days of transactions only.


What if I’m not online?

It's a bit tricker but on application we can provide you with the tool to upload a CSV file. We suggest you talk with us so we can guide you through this one.


How does ROOBYX protect and store my bank login information?

In short, we don’t because when you log into the ROOBYX site, it’s done through a ‘Secure Socket Layer’ (SSL). This is an encrypted connection which is always created between your browser and our server – we don’t ever see your sensitive bank security information. Even better, you don't ever have to worry about updating, syncing or uploading any financial information manually.


What happens if my bank account is hacked?

Don’t wait. Contact your bank immediately, even if you’re not absolutely sure your account has been tampered with.


How can I contact you about ROOBYX security policy?

If you have any concerns or want to ask more questions about our security, send us an email at or call us on 1800 766 299. We'd be happy to talk with you more about our security practices and protocols.