You protect your Riders, we’ll protect the rest. Income Protection Insurance for you in collaboration with Roobyx.

with a weekly earning of

You can get coverage against life's unknowns


For injury causing loss of income, death or permanent disablement.

What's Covered?

Injury from an accident

What Benefits will you receive?

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Loss of Income

Up to 85% of your weekly income from being an on-demand worker.


Permanent Disability

Permanent Total Disablement – Up to $500,000.



Up to $500,000 which can be paid to your family.

What's Not Covered?

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Your nominated waiting period.

Injuries while working when you are considered an employee (covered by Workers Compensation).

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Any pre-existing conditions.

Injuries while doing certain hazardous activities.

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Illness, sickness, disease or childbirth.

Injuries while you commit a criminal offence or illegal act.

NOTE The above is intended to be a brief overview and not a complete list. We strongly recommend you read the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy to see the full details on what is and is not covered.

Start with simple, weekly cover.
No worries, no commitments.

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Portable Benefits Package!

Soon you can access all the benefits traditional workers enjoy wrapped up in your own Portable Benefits package. Then it doesn’t matter what job or task you do – you’ve got the most important person protected – You.

RSDAA and Roobyx will soon be announcing some exclusive products for rideshare drivers through the RSDAA website. We’ll keep you posted.

Why choose Roobyx?

Flexible Insurance

The Way You Want it, The Way You Need it.

Insurance Premiums that Go Up and Down with Your Income


No Commitment

Weekly billing cycles that let you stop whenever you like, penalty-free.


Efficient Protection

As your weekly earnings increase or decrease, we amend your cover so you're never over or under insured.


Flexible Income

Your income is flexible. Your cover should be too. Your Roobyx weekly premium is always based on the previous week's earnings.

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Weekly Pay-as-you-go

Paying monthly or annual premiums for cover you may not need doesn't make sense. With Roobyx, you pay-as-you-go. It's that simple.