And the solution is….

Insure up to 85% of your weekly Rideshare income from platforms like Uber, Ola and Taxify, starting with as little as $4 per week.

Get insured for when things go wrong

At ROOBYX, we realise no two weeks of earnings are going to be the same for gig workers and think it is only fair to have the premium linked to your weekly earnings. 'Pay-as-you-go' means because you have granted us access to track your earnings, we calculate your premium based on your previous week’s earnings and deduct that amount from your nominated Credit Card. Your premium will be lower if you have a lean week or more if you have had a great week.

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Get your Accident Income Protection Insurance

Roobyx – we’ll flex to impress...

We learn what you earn and keep it coming

Tracking your earnings is the smart and easy way to ensure coverage in the style you’re accustomed to.

Pay for what you need, not over the odds

The best thing about Roobyx is that you’re never over or under insured. It’s just right.

Jobs insured, earnings assured

Cover across platforms, whether freelancing or working as a contractor, or even working as an employee. The choice is yours.

Our word is only as good as our customer’s words...

“Affordable income protection is hard to find, then I came across Roobyx. They provided me with a great benefits package and the ability to bundle my Airtasker, other gig earnings and my self-employed earnings under the one policy. 10/10 for support and service - I would recommend” David McLellan, Melbourne

Keep on track even when you’re derailed...

Weekly Injury Benefit

You got injured but you need to eat and pay your bills. This is the weekly amount paid during the benefit period you selected.

Accidental Permanent Disability

While this will be life changing, don't let it set you back financially. This is the maximum amount payable to you but could be a percentage of this amount depending on the severity of your disability.

Accidental Death

Heavy, but you don't want to leave behind a financial burden for your loved ones. This is the amount paid to your beneficiaries if you suffer an accidental death.

Shape your own cover to suit how you work and live your life

…but (sadly) some things we don’t cover!

Your nominated waiting period

Any pre-existing conditions

Illness, sickness, disease or childbirth

Injuries while not working on your nominated platforms (unless you choose the 24/7 cover)

Injuries while doing certain hazardous activities

Injuries while you commit a criminal offence or illegal act

NOTE: The above is intended to be a brief overview and not a complete list. We strongly recommend you read the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy to see the full details of what is and is not covered.