Roobyx Insurance. Life, work and happiness explained!

Protecting yourself from the unexpected is as simple as 1, 2, 3…

With Roobyx you can have your cake AND eat it!

So you work in the gig economy and don't get the benefits and protections of traditional employment? Well, this is where our Portable Benefits Solution comes in. Put simply, we have your back when you need it most. You’re covered if you miss work, have money available for time off and save for your future.

Roobyx is quick, easy, affordable and on your side – no matter the job you do, or when and where you do it.

Step 1

Working it out week by week.

Let us know your last week’s earnings and we’ll base your first premium on this amount. Share your weekly base earning and we’ll base your first premium on it. Learn more about how premium and claim benefits are calculated.

Step 2

Cover yourself – scantily clad or many layers?

The tailoring is up to you. Customise your insurance policy so you get the cover amount you want, and sign up.

Step 3

We’re like a machine. Automated. Calculated. Updated.

Link your bank account(s) with us to get your future earnings fully in sync.

Step 4

Et Voila! You’re insured! (– not sure why we went all French there, but hey)

So what happens next? Well, we take care of everything else; making sure your weekly premiums are pegged to your weekly income – we’ll even send you an email each week to let you know your premium amount.

Roobyx – we’ll flex to impress...

We learn what you earn and keep it coming

Tracking your earnings is the smart and easy way to ensure your covered in the style you’re accustomed to.

Pay for what you need

The best thing about Roobyx is that you’re never over or under insured. It’s just right.

Insure all of your jobs

Cover across platforms, whether freelancing or working as a contractor, or even working as an employee. The choice is yours.

Shape your own cover to suit how you work and live your life