Why we’re doing what we do

These days, the way of the world is on-demand. Freelancers are the fastest growing segment of the Australian workforce – there are 162 million in the US, EU and western world combined. People who work where they want and when they want. It’s a great new way of life, but it can be risky.

This type of worker forms part of what is known as the ‘gig economy.’ We provide a better deal for workers such as Rideshare drivers, Airtaskers and anyone who freelances, with our portable benefits. Our solutions flex with the way workers actually work, tracking incomes and providing tools that insure, enable and support.

We’ll explain more later, but in a nutshell, we’re building a community – one that empowers and protects on-demand workers. Traditional solutions just don’t hold sway. We’re a new way.

Born out of belief

  • Everyone is entitled to peace of mind, whatever job they do.
  • Everyone should be able to understand their risks and make informed decisions to suit their situation.
  • Everyone should be able to access relevant Portable Benefits that help them flourish in the growing gig economy.
  • Everyone should have access to current trends and up-to-the-minute data via technology that's user-friendly to all.

Everyone should be able to join the community

We’re ROOBYX. We’ll continually strive to improve the support we give you so you’ll have the freedom to be flexible and the peace of mind to live life confidently.

We're ROOBYX. We're for everyone in the gig economy.

Where we’re headed

The work landscape is changing. We partner with everyone in the gig economy, our customers, our platform partners and various interested parties who come along for the ride.

From our starting point in Brisbane Australia we’ve become quite a posse. Right now we’re harnessing news, information and protections from all around, expanding our platform horizons to grow into the UK, USA, Canada and beyond. It’s a brave new working world... the way we see it, it’s best to be protected and prepared.

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If you’re a gig-worker... make sure Roobyx has your back (and never look back).

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