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On-Demand Workers

Working in the GIG Economy?

Working in the gig economy means you're self-employed and don't get the benefits and protections of traditional employment.

Our Portable Benefits Solution lets you get protected, have money available for time off and save for your future - no matter where, when or who you work for.

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What do I need to know about working for myself?
We have created specific on-demand worker information to help you.
Who looks after me if I get hurt and can’t work?
Our Personal Accident & Income Protection Insurance can help you.
What happens if I hurt someone or damage something when working?
Our Liability Insurance can protect you against potential claims.
Can I afford to take time off if I’m sick or want a holiday?
Yes you can, with our Personal Leave Time solution.
How do I plan for my future when I’m not sure what I’m earning next week?
Plan it with our flexible Superannuation offering.

Portable Benefits Solution

You can build your own benefits and protection package that stays with you from gig to gig or jobs in your own business or even back to employment.

Quick, easy, flexible, portable and very affordable.

Start building it with a click of a button then we look after it for you.

Portable benefits
Pa ins

Personal Accident &
Income Protection Insurance

Customisable Insurance covering loss of earnings, death or permanent disablement from injury whilst at work or 24/7

Leave time

Personal Leave Time

Flexible contributions to your personal leave time account to ensure you have enough money for holidays, sick leave or when you just need time off

Pl ins

Liability Insurance

Customisable Insurance covering you if you hurt someone, cause damage to their property or give wrong advice.



Your long-term savings and retirement plan - in a smart and flexible way

Customer Reviews

David McLellan

Affordable income protection is hard to find, then I came across ROOBYX. They provided me with a great benefits package and the ability to bundle my Airtasker, other gig earnings and my self-employed earnings under the one policy. 10/10 for support and service I would recommend

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News & Information

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Posted on July 20, 2018

A micro business is a business that has between zero and five employees. Sound familiar?

Tips To Minimise Your Tax In The Gig Economy
Posted on June 26, 2018

We are getting close to the end of financial year and this means you will need to start preparing your returns. It’s not necessary a fun job but everyone has to do it, so best get prepared and make it easy on yourself.

Unique insurance challenges the on-demand workforce faces
Posted on June 26, 2018

As an on-demand worker, you do not have access to the same protections that a traditional employee has.


Enterprise Solutions


We understand this space can be complex and we get it.

We work closely with gig platforms to provide flexible and smart solutions for them and their on-demand workers.

If you run your own platform we can provide flexible and smart solutions for you and your on-demand workers.

Benefits and Protections

Personal Accident & Income Protection

The safety net protection you need when working for yourself.

Consider how you would cope if an accident occurred and could not work. How do you pay the rent/mortgage, car prepayments & running costs, health insurance and utilities?


Broken leg

Personal Leave Time

Everyone needs some down time to kick back and recharge the batteries. Only catch is...if you're not working, you're not earning money.

You tell us how much down time you need and based on your estimated earnings we'll calculate how much you need to put aside.

We will put your contributions in a secure account.

Simply tell us when you need it and the funds will be put back into your account.

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Liability Insurance

The last thing you would be thinking or expecting is a claim against you for negligence.

Business is business and sadly things happen. You need to protect against the unexpected

We offer two types of liability insurance

  1. Public liability* if you hurt someone or caused damage to their property when you are working; and/or
  2. Professional Indemnity if, in your work, you give advice.

*If you sell products, then liability arising from these goods can be covered under this policy.


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Being young and carefree is fun, being older is even more fun especially if you have enough funds to enjoy a good lifestyle.

Getting into the habit of saving for your future is important.

Superannuation lg